Leasing process

Leasing simplified

Statera is the all-in-one digital leasing platform, exclusive for the industrial real estate industry.

Leasing process

Skip months of negotiations and get leases signed faster

Statera helps both parties cut to the point by removing unnecessary levels of communication.

All you need, connected
and in one place

Escape the disjointed tools to achieve negotiation synergy

Clear communication

Cut through the noise

Clarity leads to better understanding. Discuss terms openly, in order to avoid confusion and ensure transparency.

Documents in one place

Ditch the documents

Stop wasting time downloading, editing and sharing dozens of documents. See all deal terms, unit details, and the other party’s insights in real time and in one place.

Leasing process flow

Standardize the process

It’s hard to be efficient if the process is different every time. Statera breaks your deal into easy-to-follow steps on a clear timeline, making the process straightforward and predictable.

Designed for and by industrial real estate experts & innovators

Landlord picture

For Asset Management Team

  • Dashboard with occupancy and Tenant insights
  • Centralized data for assets, leases and deals
  • Automated data sync and updating
Tenant picture

For Tenant Team

  • Customized dashboard with lease & building data
  • Guided workflow and augmented process
  • Dynamic tenant improvement negotiation & visualization

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The team behind Statera

  • Marat Safir avatar

    Marat Safir

    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Russ Berkun avatar

    Russ Berkun

    CTO & Co-Founder

  • Maksim Baron avatar

    Maksim Baron

    COO & Co-Founder

Our advisors

  • Alex Samoylovich avatar

    Alex Samoylovich

    CedarST & Livly

  • Jeff Grabowski avatar

    Jeff Grabowski

    EQT Exeter

  • Adam Naparsteck avatar

    Adam Naparsteck

    High Street Logistics Properties

Change is fundamental
for growth

But change can be hard. We get it. Statera will help you make a painless transition to digital in 3 simple steps:

Simply a better leasing experience

Connecting landlord and tenant teams to unlock property value, save a bunch of time and amaze your tenants!